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Cake Balls!

A lovely couple from the U.S. who were having their destination wedding here in Grand Cayman requested a “Cake Ball Wedding Cake” for their 10/11/12 wedding.  I’ve made cake balls before, but have always gotten frustrated with them simply because it’s difficult to make them in the heat and humidity in Cayman.  I was up to the challenge however, and decided to plunge forward with this very special wedding request! While I started working on everything, I thought, why not turn this into a tutorial for my blog?!  Soo…here you go!  Please excuse the quality of the images – I just snapped pictures with my phone as I went along…

So to make cake balls you want to start with a cake that has been baked and cooled.  Make sure your cake is very cool, not a hint of warmth from the oven or else you’re binding won’t work and they’ll fall apart! Just take a fork and start to crumble the cake into fine crumbles.  I just do everything in the cake pan because it’s one less thing for me to clean up after but you can certainly crumble it into a bowl if you wish! I used a devil’s food recipe for this particular set of cake balls as this was one of the flavours the bride and groom requested.

Once your cake has been thoroughly crumbled, add a few dollops of your favourite icing.  I used cream cheese icing as per the bride and groom’s request which tastes HEAVENLY with cake balls – however it is NOT good to use in the heat.  I was brave and really went out on a limb by using it, and thankfully my trick (which I share later on) worked!

Now you want to really work this icing into the cake crumbles very well.  Some people use liquid coffee creamer to bind the cake crumbles, I’ve never tried that method but will definitely give it a shot at some point.  I use between 1 – 1 & 1/2 cups of icing per batch of cake crumbles.  Start with less and then add more as needed.  You can even use your hands to get really in there and mix it up.  When you’re done it should look like a big cake and icing blob.  Kind of like this:

Now comes the fun part – making the balls!  You can use a melon baller, or any kind of “scoop” you have on hand.  Personally I just use a tablespoon and it works just fine for me as the balls all come out uniform in size and it’s something that I always have on hand.  Just take a spoonful of the cake and icing mixture and roll it into a ball.  Make sure that the cake and icing are binding together really well because you don’t want it to crumble on you!  When I use a tablespoon, I usually end up with somewhere between 30-40 cake balls per recipe.  It just depends on the type of cake recipe I use to make them.

Normally I use a lined cookie sheet, but given the amount of cake balls I was making, I just used a disposable cookie sheet.  Worked great and nothing to wash afterwards!  As you can see my cake balls are all nice and round – nothing falling apart and they are relatively uniform in size.  Now pop these into the fridge for a couple of hours (or into the freezer for about 15 minutes).  Make sure they are nice and chilled before you dip them into the candy coating.  Once you’re ready for them to come out of the fridge, start to melt your candy coating.  You can order some online, or pick up a pack from the store – whatever works best for you is fine.  Personally, I find that the Wilton brand doesn’t work so well here.  I’m not sure if it has to do with the way they are shipped – maybe they get too hot in the shipping container?  All I know is that I don’t find them to work so well…at least the white and coloured ones.  The chocolate ones seem to work okay – go figure! So here is some candy bark that I ordered and I have it melted it down ready to start dipping my cake balls away…

Now just start dipping away!  You can use a fork, a toothpick, a spoon – whatever is easy for you to manipulate – feel free to use.  If you want to add any sprinkles to the balls, then make sure you do it while they are still wet – not when the candy coating has set, or else they won’t stick! For these particular ones, I made sure to coat them a little thicker then I normally would – just in case the cream cheese icing that is binding them decided to give me some trouble!

This couple wanted a “cake ball cake” as I mentioned before.  I iced a cake dummy with fondant, and adhered each cake ball with some more melted candy coating and just worked my way up along the cake.  I added coloured fondant flowers to coordinate with the wedding colours and to differentiate between flavours.  There ended up being over 70 cake balls on this very small cake, which was a 4″ dummy on a 6″ dummy.

The perfect cake for an interactive wedding (or party experience!).  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  There will be more to come :).

Wishing you a very “sweet” day!


First Birthday Cakes – Fun to Eat and Fun to Smash…

There is something special about a child’s first birthday – it’s a fun celebration of all of the little milestones that children make in that first year of life – they go from a tiny little miracle to a little person who smiles, coos, sits up, crawls, walks and even for many – talk! All in one single year!  While these little ones often don’t remember their first birthday – their parents and families do!  This is why I take special pride when creating a first birthday cake – and offer a free smash cupcake or cake with each first birthday cake order.  This birthday is all about making the memories for years to come.  Here are a few of the first birthday cakes, and moments I’ve been able to create over the past few months.

When looking for that special first birthday cake in Grand Cayman – look no further than Cayke!

All Star First Birthday With Smash Jumbo Cupcake Topper

Sweet Cupcake First Birthday

Cookie Monster First Birthday

Cookie Monster Smash Cake

Ladybug First Birthday

Ladybug Smash Cake

Baby Einstein’s Birthday Cake and Smash Cake

Rosette Cupcake First Birthday

Rosette Smash Cake

One Shaped Birthday Cake with Jumbo Smash Cupcake

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No Birthday Is Complete Without Cake!

Children’s birthday cakes are always fun and are a staple at almost every birthday party but what about when you leave those kiddie years behind you?  I find so many adults neglect their own birthday cake fantasies – sometimes it’s due to being so busy, sometimes people assume that one doesn’t want a cake for their birthday – whatever the reason one should ALWAYS have a lovely slice of cake to enjoy for their birthday festivities.  Here are a few of my favourite adult birthday cakes that I’ve created this year…take a look and be inspired to give a friend, loved one or even yourself a spectacular birthday cake in both looks and taste!

A Chicago Bulls themed quarter sheet cake with all buttercream decor

A simple, yet elegant two tier square shaped birthday. 6″ square on an 8″ square with fondant icing and decor.

A whimsical two tier square shaped birthday cake. 6″ square on a 10″ square. All fondant icing and decor.

A fun, and bright zebra gift box cake. 6″ square with buttercream icing and fondant accents. Accompanied with colourful, coordinating cupcakes.

A modern take on a traditional birthday cake! 8″ round with buttercream icing and buttercream/fondant decor.

A two tier gift box cake. 6″ square on 8″ square.  Buttercream icing and fondant accents.

A two tier heart shaped cake decorated very traditionally.  9″ heart on a 12″ heart with buttercream basketweave technique, buttercream decor and a few fondant flowers. The perfect way to show someone how much you love them on their birthday!


A fun way to celebrate the individuality of the birthday lady/man!  This was an 15″x22″ sheet cake with a 3D car cake on top.  Done for a woman who LOVES driving her car, and listening to music while driving.

A quarter sheet cake decorated to look like a coach purse.  Buttercream icing, buttercream decor with few fondant accents.

Don’t delay – celebrate your next birthday the “Cayke” way!

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The Stork Has Visited & Gender Reveal!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted and I’m sorry for neglecting all of my lovely readers!  The reason I’ve been so off from my postings is that the Stork has paid me and my husband a visit and we’re expecting our first little “cupcake” at the end of the year :D.

Needless to say, that this new addition has resulted in me cutting my time down in the kitchen significantly.  But it also gave me the opportunity to do something that I’ve wanted to do for MONTHS and do a gender reveal cake! 

Gender Reveal cakes are a fun way for the parents-to-be, extended family and friends to find out what gender the baby (or babies) are! Traditionally, the ultrasound results are delivered to the baker, who will bake a pink or blue cake and ice it in a very gender neutral way.  The only way to find out what gender baby is – is to slice the cake!  It’s a fun surprise for everyone involved.  I was a little unconventional because I was my own baker.  So my husband and I knew the results but we waited for a few days and announced the big reveal at a family gathering. 

It was so much fun to experience all of the Old Wives Tales, having people feel the baby bump, inspect the shape, ask about cravings and other pregnancy things to figure out if they could accurately guess what gender this baby is!

I LOVE Bee themed baby shower ideas and thought it would be fun to do a bee themed gender reveal cake.  This is the cake I made:

And “Babee” is a…..


This was such a fun experience, I really hope that this trend picks up on island so I can do many more of these fun cakes!


April “Showers”!

For the month of April, I ran an “April Showers” promotion with 15% off baby or bridal shower cakes.  Lots of people took advantage of the baby shower savings and here are some of the baby shower cakes created during April!  I think they were so cute – don’t you?!



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Welcome to the Sweet World of CAYKE!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve seen the women in my family dominate the kitchen; and even as a young child, that desire to follow in their footsteps was extremely strong! My mother often shares her memories of my always getting into little mischeivous “baking” adventures in the kitchen as a preschooler – which often resulted in giving her “mini” heart attacks!  Her stories of my efforts to get into the kitchen from such a young age, convinced me that these traits must be genetic – and in my family that may have resulted from necessity since my entire family has a notorious sweet tooth!

Growing up, some of my fondest memories of both my Mummy and Gramma, is of them teaching me the basic principles of good baking. My mother has some of the most amazing cake recipes, and is always willing to share her experiences with me. My mother’s and grandmother’s patience with me turned into a lifelong hobby. As I grew older, I began to develop my own personal baking style – blending old fashioned goodness with modern twists, resulting in some delicious recipes I’m proud to call my own!  For years, I took pleasure in baking and sharing the “sweet” bounty with my friends and family. The response after each first bite, was always, “You need to start a baking business!”

After long and careful consideration, I decided that it was time to take a chance on my hobby, and I figure that you can’t go wrong with doing something that you love!  As a result – CAYKE was born.

It has given me great pleasure to develop so many recipes for CAYKE’s customers to enjoy and to develop my skills in cake artistry. My previous experiences in the food industry have taught me that great quality food + great customer service + fair prices = a happy customer. I hope you will join me on this sweet journey as I continue to grow my talent, and my business!  I look forward to satisfying your sweet tooth, one “cayke” at a time!

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