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The Wonderful Edible Image…

When I first started caking, I thought that the concept of the edible image was amazing, versatile, and the bane of my existence.  To say I HATED edible images was just putting it lightly.  It wasn’t really about the edible image…it was more about getting used to handling the edible image, which can be quite a challenge in Cayman’s heat.  After tons of advice and practice, now the edible image is my friend and a total time saver!  It’s a great way to add something to a cake without making it look too “cartoon-ish” and of course and enables me to add personalized touches where appropriate.  They do cost a few extra dollars to get…but I think totally worth the end result!

Here are a few cakes where the edible image helps to set the cake off!

Edible Imageedible image 2edible image 3edible image 4edible image 5

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