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The Stork Has Visited & Gender Reveal!

on August 24, 2012

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted and I’m sorry for neglecting all of my lovely readers!  The reason I’ve been so off from my postings is that the Stork has paid me and my husband a visit and we’re expecting our first little “cupcake” at the end of the year :D.

Needless to say, that this new addition has resulted in me cutting my time down in the kitchen significantly.  But it also gave me the opportunity to do something that I’ve wanted to do for MONTHS and do a gender reveal cake! 

Gender Reveal cakes are a fun way for the parents-to-be, extended family and friends to find out what gender the baby (or babies) are! Traditionally, the ultrasound results are delivered to the baker, who will bake a pink or blue cake and ice it in a very gender neutral way.  The only way to find out what gender baby is – is to slice the cake!  It’s a fun surprise for everyone involved.  I was a little unconventional because I was my own baker.  So my husband and I knew the results but we waited for a few days and announced the big reveal at a family gathering. 

It was so much fun to experience all of the Old Wives Tales, having people feel the baby bump, inspect the shape, ask about cravings and other pregnancy things to figure out if they could accurately guess what gender this baby is!

I LOVE Bee themed baby shower ideas and thought it would be fun to do a bee themed gender reveal cake.  This is the cake I made:

And “Babee” is a…..


This was such a fun experience, I really hope that this trend picks up on island so I can do many more of these fun cakes!


2 responses to “The Stork Has Visited & Gender Reveal!

  1. Huge congratulations to you both at this exciting time in your life 🙂

  2. Lennie says:

    Hiya Mami…Mega Congrats to you!! Wow, I really like this idea and I hope it flies high with your customers. I can’t wait to “bake you your special cake”, link me. 😉

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